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    Setting Overlay Color Controls


      Radeon Drivers on Vista and above seem to have stopped supporting the IDirectDrawColorControl method of setting the overlay procamp.

      There do appear to be some registry entries DALOvlYUVBrightness etc changing these seems to have no effect but they do apear to be modified by the tool Ati Tray Tools. 

      What is the correct method for progamatically setting the overlay colour controls on recent Radeon cards, also can this be exposed via the Display SDK.



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          I have exactly the same problem.

          I've tried using the library ADL_SDK, the "ADL_Display_Color_Set" sets the brightness, contrast, hue, and temperature of the display but not the overlay video.

          The SDK also includes the "ADL_Display_ControllerOverlayAdjustmentData_Set" but I did not understand how it can be used.

          What I'd like to get is the same behavior that is achieved by modifying the video parameters in the "Catalyst Control Center" without the check of "Leave the application control the video adjustments".