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    calInit(); causes a segmentation fault




      To the devs:

      I'm participating in a distributed computing project hosted by www.distributed.net and running the ATI stream version of the client.

      I ran this project succesfully under Ubuntu 9.04 with driver 9.10 installed.

      I then upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10 and installed the same driver version (9.10) but the client dies horribly with a segfault.

      I filed a bug report at distributed.net (http://bugs.distributed.net/show_bug.cgi?id=4260) about this.

      My question to you is: What does calInit() do internally? Can you show some pseudo code about what calInit() does?

      Best thing would be to have source code for calInit() to look at, but the source are closed I guess.

      My current theory is that calInit() fails when trying to connect to a display (e.g. :0.0)  because of newer libraries in U9.10 versus U9.04, but I don't know which, so I'm hoping you could help me with this issue.


      Thank you in advance.