FireGL - BIOS / Firmware

Discussion created by Carel on Oct 29, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2009 by bridgman
FireGL BIOSes are not easy to get hold off


Does anyone perhaps know where to find the BIOS file for the FireGL v8700? It seems to me that there are no such thing as a BIOS for a FireGL card, no BIOS support / updates...? So, let's say you've screwed up your FireGL v8700 card, then it means you've screwed up $1500, but it you've screwed up your Radeon, cheapo GFX card, sure, no problem, just get the BIOS {all-over-the-internet}. Why is it thatthe "Professional" card solutions have less support for these High-Tech stuff, whuile it also costs much more? Please, if anyone konws where I can get hold of a FireGL v8700 BIOS, PLEASE reply to this topic {not that I have any hope}...?