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    AMD_gpu_association extension



      I am developing an OpenGL application and encountered some problems, caused by Windows and my hardware configuration.

      My system consists of 3 RadeonHD 4870 and 6 connected monitors. On every monitor, an OpenGL Window is created and should render some full-hd content. I figured out, that windows send all OpenGL commands to all graphic cards.

      To get over this problem, I have tried to use the AMD_gpu_association extension to bind the specific commands to a render context, but I was not able to create a render context like described in the extension specification.

      wglCreateAssociatedContextAMD( 1 ) returned 0 and GetLastError does also return 0

      Here is an example of my code:








      gpuID = wglGetContextGPUIDAMD( hRC );

      wglMakeCurrent( NULL, NULL );

      wglDeleteContext( hRC );


      hRC = wglCreateAssociatedContextAMD( gpuID );


      I have tried this with and without 'wglDeleteContext( hRC )' and 'wglMakeCurrent( NULL, NULL )' with no effect.


      Could you please send me some sample code or tell me whats my fault?