How to get help?

Discussion created by ChicagoBob on Oct 23, 2009
I have posted several questions but still no help so?

Where do I go for help on this issue? Does ATI have any developer support?

There seems to be a real void in outputing actual NTSC/PAL/HD video via a graphics card for people that want to write straight out to the port so to speak. 

I have left posts here but no replies. So where do you get help in these areas there is little information on?

Like how does field timing work with HDMI or DVI+ output to actual video monitors that output 50i or 60i?

How do you know when a video frame is sent so you can time the fill of another buffer.

What is the field order on the output?

Can you just by time to get answers to questions video output via an ATI video cards?