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    Errors when Buildprogram


      when I build my project on GPU, I got the error"CL_BUILD_PROGRAM_FAILURE", "Linked failed". However, when the program is built on CPU, it passed. What's that problem?

        • Errors when Buildprogram

          Could you post the system configuration?

            • Errors when Buildprogram

              Same here.

              My config:

              - HW: AthlonX2 (Brisbane -> with SSE3 support)  / 4650

              - XP32-SP3

              - Stream2-Beta4 (including the special graphics driver)

              - VC90

              - with or without use of the Stream SDK

              - with $ATISTREAMSDKROOT set to its directory and the 'bin' subdirectory as first directory in $Path

              - with the Kernel from the HelloCL-Demo hardcoded in the binary.

              - build for a single device (the only GPU device)

              - build with no build options (clBuildProgram)

              - build with no ntfy function (clBuildProgram)

              Again: The code works fine for CPU-Targets. The only difference is the CL_DEVICE_TYPE_GPU instead of ...CPU while the creation of the context or the device list which is used to create the context.

              Finally if you still dont trust my code: The HelloCL-Sample from the SDK is also affected if i change it to CL_DEVICE_TYPE_GPU.