Does HD4330 support openCL?

Discussion created by hotfox on Oct 21, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2012 by cenit

I am using a notebook (Acer AS3810TG) with HD4330 display card installed. And in the openCL manual I found HD4000 serials.

After installed the ati-opencl-beta-driver-v2.0-beta4-vista-win7 driver and the openCL sdk, I found that no aticalcl.dll exception occurred when tring to run the samples. So I expand the aticalcl.dll and aticalrt.dll from the driver zip file manually. The samples finally run but each one says 'Unsupported GPU device; falling back to CPU ...'

If there anything wrong or HD4330 does not support openCL at all?