Running NVidia game PhysX/Cuda with SDK V2.0 and openCl beta

Discussion created by pastieman on Oct 19, 2009

Hi All

I'm a beta games tester and reviewer for a UK website, and am currently running the SDK V2.0 / OpenCl betas with my ATI 4890 1Gb as I also animate with Blender.

While I was doing some tests using the new betas a couple of days ago, I had some very strange results while using an NVidia Cuda/PhysX enabled game.

I ran the game with high PhysX enabled, AA,AF and OpenGl on their highest settings in CCC, and at first the game ran with heavy single core usage on my quad core. After about 2 minutes, the CPU usage dropped from 79% on one core to 40 - 55% on all four cores, while the GPU usage shot up to 100%. This was shown using Everest 5.02.

What I'm trying to work out is did the SDK/OpenCl read the Cuda/PhysX code, or is it simply a glitch. It is repeatable in testing at exactly the same place, and was captured on Video.

I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, but I'm a curios person and wondered if anyone else had come across this in any other testing.