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    Beta4 SDK linux compiling errors


      I'm trying to use your Beta4 SDK OpenCL in a project.

      I use Ubuntu 9.04, Netbeans, gcc 4.3.3.

      I don't have Catalyst installed ( I just want to keep my current graphics drivers and to work with CPU emulation ).


      I link with the libOpenCL.so, libamuabi.a and libSDKUtil.a and also tried with the amdrt_x86.o




      I get tons of "undefined reference to calXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" errors.

      Did I miss to link with any library or forgot any C predefine?

      It seems I need a think called "libaticalrt.so and libaticalcl.so"... but, as I mentioned, I just want to run in CPU mode...