acml 4.3.0 + openmp = Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Discussion created by RuslanTabolin on Oct 18, 2009
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gfortran, ifort

I use gfortran 4.4.1 (and ifort 11.0) with acml 4.3.0 in Ubuntu 9.10 32bit (and Scientific Linux 5.3 32bit). I compile this code:



      program eigenlapack      

      PARAMETER        (n=1000)

      PARAMETER        (lwork=8*n)      

      integer           m, info, iwork(5*n), IL, IU, ifail(n),i,j

      REAL              w(n), work(lwork), a(n,n), VL, VU, z(n,n)




      IL = 1

      IU = 5


      do 10 i=1,n

        do 20 j=1,n


   20 continue

   10 continue


!$omp parallel default(firstprivate)


      CALL SSYEVX ('N', 'A',  'U', n, a, n, VL, VU, IL, IU, 0.0d0, 

     1              m, w, z, n, work, lwork,  iwork, ifail, info)



      write(*,'(3x,a)') 'Number of eigenvalues:'

      write(*,'(3x,I100)') m

      write(*,'(3x,a)') 'Eigenvalues:'

      write(11,'(10000f12.2)') (w(i),i=1,n)


!$omp end parallel




If I set "export OMP_NUM_THREADS=1" then it works correctly. But if I use more than one thread (OMP_NUM_THREADS=2) then it don't work:


Segmentation fault (core dumped)


It work with variable n=416 or less. 

Single version of code work right.



What can I do?