Some confusing problems on simple matrix multiple

Discussion created by andrewchao on Oct 17, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2009 by Ceq

When I was trying to build the sample program(.br) of simple matmul with VS2009 some problems surfaced as below(maybe some green-hand probs as I met brook+ just about a week ago), all environment configuration finished in accordance with the brook+ user guide.pdf:

1. Error (syntax error) before 'unsigned'
       unsigned int i;

2. Warning: old-style declaration or incorrect type:
           retval = -1;

3. Unknown parameter: getchar:

4. Warning: old-style declaration or incorrect type:

idk why these always kept happening with the syntax all in obedience to C regulations.


Besides, there are quite a handful of functions that's not declared and defined as i failed to trace the source code of them in VS2009 IDE.

i.e. allocate_mat_f   fill_mat_f  print_mat_f and a macro called RANDOM

guess some head files are missing but brcc shall add those heads to target cpp files automatically.