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    ATI Radeon HD4570 OpenCL problems


      Hi everyone!

      I have some problems with running ATI Stream SDK's samples on GPU.

      My hardware: ASUS K50AB notebook with GPU ATI Mobility Radeon HD4570 512 Mb.

      When I launch HelloCL example with CL_DEVICE_TYPE_GPU the output is:

      Creating a context
      For test only: Expires on Sun Feb 28 00:00:00 2010
      Getting device info
      Number of devices: 1
      Loading and compiling CL source
      Program::build() failed (-11)


      Other samples work when launched with --device gpu parameter, but execution speed is the same as with cpu version.


      Am I doing something wrong or is there some way to make it work?


      I have latest ATI drivers from here http://developer.amd.com/GPU/ATISTREAMSDKBETAPROGRAM/Pages/default.aspx installed.

      OS - Vista.

      Stream SDK - 2.0 beta4 (latest)