OpenCL support - general questions/remarks

Discussion created by onsager on Oct 15, 2009
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A rant

This is a rant, sorry for this. Usually, I don't start participation in this way. But...

After AMD announced OpenCL GPU support, I tried to install the beta4 on WinXP. I recognize the beta state, but the installation only backed up the impression I got from silently following the forum during the last few weeks. After unpacking the installer in some obscure temp folder and stopping to continue with unzipping and installing (*) the whole procedure stopped with an "Error 1320. The specified path is too long: V:my".

Mmmh "V\my" is too long, quite interesting...

What I can read here is very often in this spirit. Teething troubles everywhere. While this is to expect with new technology, AMD seems to get things wrong again when it comes to software support. I like the cards, but this situation is less than assuring. Don't miss the train again.


(*) C'mon folk, we are developers, give us a simple zip file in the first place or the real installation executable, we can deal with it - in any case it's better than some half-baked selfextracting file containing other packed variants like an onion, complicating things for no reason.