Beta4 blues

Discussion created by Illusio on Oct 14, 2009
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I'm having problems with Beta4 on Windows 7. With the exception of HelloCL, none of the samples appear to work. They all(Except HelloCL for some strange reason) exit with an error message like the following:

  For test only: Expires on Sun Feb 28 00:00:00 2010
  Error: clBuildProgram failed. Error code : CL_BUILD_PROGRAM_FAILURE

In my own code, I'm getting a "Link failed." build log on the GPU device and "Compilation failed." log on the CPU device when I compile sources from the SDK.( and

I have the following entries first in my path, no other references to the ATI Stream SDK

C:\Program Files (x86)\ATI Stream\bin\x86_64

C:\Users\xxx\Documents\ATI Stream\bin\x86_64

I also erased the old beta install directories.


Any ideas about what I could be missing? I know the compiler executes, because I can get more informative error messages if the source contains syntax errors.