ACML-GPU on single-precision only GPUs

Discussion created by black_jack on Oct 8, 2009
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Errors when running sgemm on HD 4570

my question is very simple: is it possible to use the GPU acceleration for ACML on single-precision only GPUs?
I ask this because I tried to run the sgemm C example on my notebook, equipped with a Mobile Radeon HD 4570, and I got the following error:

ACML example: SGEMM call
calclCompile returned ERROR (Operational error)
No error
ERROR: ILScanILBinary: Unsupported opcode for architecture
ERROR: failed to compile compute kernels for DGEMM
ERROR: Failed to initialize GPU(s) for SGEMM

Warning: libCALBLAS is not reentrant!
Multi-threaded use of this library is not supported.
When GPU-accellerated ACML routines are called on multiple threads
concurrently, the requests will be executed serially, even if multiple
GPUs are present.

I recompiled the source code by myself with Windows SDK v.7, and the result is the same. This is very strange, because I used the Stream SDK (v1.4) with no problems...
My OS is Vista x64 (SP2), and the ATI drivers are the latest supported by Dell (ver.8.634.3).