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    Step 0 problem - error when drilling down to source code, even for classic.exe


      I have just installed CodeAnalyst 2.94.718.0, and when I run the classic.exe example that comes with the code, I get an error (details below) when I try to drill down into the source-code.

      Help | System Information included at bottom.

      Here is what I am doing:

      - Start | CodeAnalyst.exe

      - File | new | project name = classic | OK

      - On the "session settings dialog":

      1) Changed to "time-based profile"

      2) Launch= "C:\Program Files\AMD\CodeAnalyst\SampleCode\classic\Release\classic.exe"

      3) Enable "stop data collection when the app exits" and "profile the duration of the app execution"

      - Click OK

      - Click Green "start profiling" icon.

      - Classic.exe runs, finishes in about 10-15 seconds.

      - CodeAnalyst loads SystemData/SystemGraph/Processes tabs.

      - When I doubleclick on "classic.exe" from the Module name list on the System Data tab, there is a few second pause, and then I get a dialog title "Code Analyst Error". The error is "The specified module (\\Device\HarddiskDmVolumes\PhysicalDmVolumes\BlockVolume1\Program Files\AMD\CodeAnalyst\SampleCode\classic\Release\classic.exe) cannot be found. No module information can be shown.

      I saw another post about how this is a problem if the drive is encrypted or removable, but that is not the case here -- C: is not encrypted, nor is it removable. I tried moving the contents of classic to c:\temp\classic and running it from there, but same result - get a very similar error message.

      Can you help?




      Output from system information (computer name blanked out):


      Vendor: AMD, Family: AMD Athlon™ 64 Processor

      Family 15 Model 13 Stepping 1

      Approximate core frequency is 2211 MHz

      Onboard local APIC detected.

      2 Processors Installed

      Computer Name:xxxxx

      Windows Server 2003 Version 5.2 Build 3790

      Service Pack 2


      Percentage of Memory is in use: 75

      Total physical memory: 2097151 KB

      Free physical memory: 1028396 KB

      Total size of paging file : 4194303 KB

      Free size of paging file: 3143216 KB

      Total virtual memory: 2097024 KB

      Free virtual memory: 1952280 KB

      Screen display: 1680 X 1050 pixels


      Output from "used dll versions" on the help | about dialog:


      caprof.sys: 3.0.2

      dbghelp.dll: 6.7.5

      psapi.dll: 5.2.3790

      CACommon.dll: 1.2.0

      CAK86Disasm.dll: 1.4.10

      CAWinTaskInfo.dll: 1.3.5

      CAProfEngine.dll: 0.0.0

      CASimEngine.dll: 0.0.0

      caWindebug.dll: 0.0.0

      WinSymbolEngine.dll: 1.3.7

      DCConfig.dll: 1.0.0

      ViewConfig.dll: 1.0.0

      QtGui4.dll: 4.3.0