Does OpenGL-OpenCL interoperability exist in AMD Stream SDK 2.0 beta3?

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OpenCL-OpenGL interoperability


I've read a lot of things in opencl-1.0.43 reference about OpenGL-OpenCL interoperability, but I cannot find anything about it in the AMD Stream SDK 2.0 beta3.


More exactly, I've found the cl_gl.h of course but:

OpenCL memory objects may be created from OpenGL objects IF AND ONLY IF the OpenCL context has been created from an OpenGL share group object or context.”


And the renference mentioned:

OpenGL share group object using the OpenCL platform extension CL_APPLE_gl_sharing. On other platforms including Microsoft Windows, Linux/Unix and others, an OpenCL context may be created from an OpenGL context using the Khronos platform extension CL_KHR_gl_sharing.”


I've found no way to create OpenCL context from OpenGL context.


I've found some example for MAC, to OCL-OGL interoperability, but it is not relevant for Windows or Linux.


MAC example:

CGLShareGroupObj kCGLShareGroup = CGLGetShareGroup(kCGLContext);

cl_context_properties properties[] = {


(cl_context_properties)kCGLShareGroup, 0



How can I create OpenCL context from OpenGL context?

How does OCL-OGL interoperability work, in AMD StreamSDK 2.0 beta3?

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