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    cl_platform.h vendor dependency?

      e.g. cl_float4.f32[] vs. cl_float4[]

      Hello everybody,

      I'd like to ask if anyone else has tried to run his/her host code on another platform besides AMD/ATI-Stream. It seems typedefing cl_float4 to the union containing f32[] is not done by other vendor's cl_platform.h (namely: NVIDIA), so I had a look at the "official" Khronos cl_platform.h -- it's not in there, either!

      Take for example AMD's cl_platform.h, line 244:


      typedef union cl_float4   { cl_float  f32[4]; }  cl_float4;

      and compare with Khronos' cl_platform.h, line 117:


      typedef float           cl_float4[4];

      Ergo: Host code will not compile on platforms other than ATI-Stream. Which is regrettable, to say the least.



      • if you encountered this, did you find a workaround (maybe some #defines here and there..., I tried #define .f32  but that didn't work) ? 
      • Will AMD change this in future releases?

      Disclaimer: I'm using the C++ bindings provided by Khronos, and I'm astounded by the significant speed ups of even the CPU implementation! Thumbs up for that, AMD/ATI!

        • cl_platform.h vendor dependency?

           It's really up to you which cl_platform.h you want to use. Just use the Khronos one and you will have no problem running your code on different platforms. The one that AMD provides just saves you the effort to do a 'aligned_malloc' & 'aligned_free' by explicitly declaring aligned vector types.