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    I can't get started

      Getting really confused here



      I've been looking for information regarding OpenCL. I now know how to make a simple application. But just on paper.

      I can't compile/run anything because I don't have the libraries or include files.

      My setup:

      OS: Windows 7 RC 64bit

      GFX: HD4870 1GB

      CPU: Core i7 920


      So I downloaded and installed Ati stream SDK 2 beta3 x64 Vista

      It should install in a folder: Program files(x86)\Ati Stream\

      But what I see is an empty folder.

      I restarted my computer, but still can't find anything.

      I did a search to OpenGL.dll and found nothing.

      Now I'm stuck, could someone please help me?


      Thanks in advance,