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    Audio bitstream (IEC 61937) implementation on radeon



      I don't know where to post this topic so I post here

      I am a directshow developer, and I am looking for implementation details of audio bitstream.


      The new radeon 5xxx are announced as supporting HD audio bitstream, including : Dolby True HD/MLP, DTS HD, AAC,WMA Pro


      Microsoft brought some standards encapsulation in windows 7 (see http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd316761(VS.85).aspx)

      But this only applies to windows 7

      My question is : does your driver follow this implementation for new radeon 5xxx (and also maybe for radeon 4xxx) or is there another approach ?

      Can you give details ?

      For example commercial players such as arcsoft has brought this bitstream support to their software on your new HD5xxx series and for all operating systems.


      I am looking forward to get some details about this


      Thank you



      Damien BT