Will AMD IL be updated?

Discussion created by rahulgarg on Oct 1, 2009
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Anandtech says CAL frozen, no new releases

Will we see a new public release of the CAL SDK after 1.4?

Will there be some extensions to AMD IL to reflect any new hardware features of the new chip?

According to Anandtech, the public portion of the CAL API is being frozen and no updates will come to CAL SDK.

Clarity on this question will be appreciated.

"Compute Abstract Layer (CAL) lives on since it’s what AMD’s OpenCL support is built upon, however it’s not going to see any further public development with the interface frozen at the current 1.4 standard. AMD is discouraging any CAL development in favor of OpenCL, although it’s likely the High Performance Computing (HPC) crowd will continue to use it in conjunction with AMD’s FireStream cards to squeeze every bit of performance out of AMD’s hardware."