Layered Rendering appears to be broken on Catalyst 9.9

Discussion created by jonmarbach on Sep 30, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2010 by jonmarbach
Didn't work in 9.8 either

I'm using a geometry program to simultaneously render triangles to two layers of a texture array (similar to render-to-cube-map). The second layer has incorrect depth testing artifacts, as if using the depth test from layer 1, despite the fact that a two-layered depth texture is attached to the framebuffer as the depth buffer.

Another thing that seems to be going wrong is that calling glClear with the layered framebuffer bound is only clearing the first layer of the texture array. I would assume that glClear would clear the whole framebuffer, but maybe I'm wrong (and/or Nvidia's driver is not following the spec.)

Has anyone else done this successfully on ATI hardware yet?