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Using ATI Stream with Brook+ for a VST-Plugin AND a general question!

Hi all,


iam trying to make a VST-Plugin which uses the GPU. I got a HD4670 AGP Card.

So i do my signal processing in the vst:rocessreplacing function, which gets called everytime a new input_vector is full. A blocksize of 1024 @ 44,1khz would mean, a call every ~20ms.

So iam calling for every channel! within the 20ms:

brook::Stream inputStream(rank, streamSize);


memset(outputBuffer, 0, width * height * sizeof(float));

brook::Stream outputStream(rank, streamSize);
copy(inputStream, outputStream); //KERNEL



Its works, but i get som VPU Recovery (because driver doenst respond) error, when i minimize/maximize some other windows.

do i just make to many kernel calls?


thank you very much.