barrier vs mem_fence?

Discussion created by alexaverbuch on Sep 27, 2009
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What does barrier do beyond what mem_fence already does?

From what I understand it looks like mem_fence allows the Kernel execution to continue beyond the mem_fence UNTIL it reaches a load/store operation... at which point it blocks for all pre-mem_fence work-group loads/stores to complete before continuing.

And barrier is even more "strict", as it blocks ALL execution (including but not limited to loads/stores) until all work-group kernels reach the barrier.

Is this correct?

Also, does write_mem_fence:

  1. Wait for all pre-mem_fence stores to complete before allowing future stores? OR
  2. Block on post-mem_fence stores until ALL pre-mem_fence operations have completed? OR
  3. Something else

Sorry for the onslaught of questions, and thanks for all the help so far.