How to bitstream audio on new HD5xxx

Discussion created by albain on Sep 26, 2009
Which directshow structure should be passed to the renderer ?


now with the new radeon HD5xxx it will be possible to bitstream compressed formats such as AAC, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD through HDMI to HT system if it supports decoding of those of course.

I know that powerdvd was updated to perform this, but what about the other software players ?

I am a directshow developer and I would like to know what should be done to perform this audio bitstream

Is there a special audio renderer to be used ? I guess that a specific media structure should be used

For example for SPDIF one should set a dolby digital media type to the renderer with a given wFormatTag. The audio renderer will recognize the format as dolby digital and will output it to SPDIF.


I guess this should be the same for other bitstream formats : either a generic mediatype "bitstream" or one for each compressed formats (AAC, DD Plus, DTSHD...)

For example, my HT system is able to decode AAC, so any of my itunes song would be decoded by the HT system (maybe better) instead of the software decoder.

Same thing for DVD audios, and so on...


Thank you for your help




Damien BT