problems running sample even after makeing them

Discussion created by alorenz on Sep 25, 2009
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When executing any of the samples, even after making them.  I will get an AVC deain messages.  it ssems opencl build shared objects in the tmp directory, but does not set the right premissiions for this object to be loaded. "text relocation".  I set the ATRISTREAMSDKROOT viarable and set the location of the shared libary.  an example of the error message when executing NBody is

The NBody application attempted to load /tmp/ which requires text relocation. This is a potential security problem. Most libraries do not need this permission. Libraries are sometimes coded incorrectly and request this permission. The SELinux Memory Protection Tests web page explains how to remove this requirement. You can configure SELinux temporarily to allow /tmp/ to use relocation as a workaround, until the library is fixed. Please file a bug report against this package.


What need to be changed ?