HD 5870 and 5970 working :-)

Discussion created by zpdixon on Sep 25, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2009 by MicahVillmow

I ordered an HD 5870 from Newegg on Tuesday (5min after a script I wrote sent me an alert indicating its availability ), I received it today Thursday, upgraded the ATI drivers on my 64-bit Linux GPGPU dev box to version 9.9, kept the SDK to version 1.4, and compiled a test program to measure the FLOPS rating:

2662 GFLOPS, or 98% of the max theoretical 2720 GFLOPS
This is 36% more FLOPS than my 4850 X2 cards, at 81% the power consumption. Everything just worked on the first attempt even though the card is not yet "officially supported" by the 9.9 Linux drivers - I love it :-)

Update: I have 2 HD 5970 working too