CCC win / lin drivers missing several options

Discussion created by Amd-Fanboy on Sep 18, 2009
Incorrect display sizes / overscan / noise on audio channels.

Topic says it all. This is driving me crazy.

I used to use CCC9.5 drivers that was the last ones with scaling enabled to fit HDMi to HDMI from 4830 video card to HDMI HDTV 1440x900 and was working perfectly.

xf86-video-radeonhd is the only linux driver that works with correct res for any HDTV HDMI screen's I have tried so far = perfect at 1440x900 that is the actual correct screen size = no overscan, no fuzzy defused 1280x720 horribly readable text that is part of any win / lin ati driver.

Then tried it in linux and always with any driver from CCC9.2+ onwards had overscan even if the screen res stated 1440x900 it was actually 1550x1000 or appeared this way.

Same thing in win CCC9.6 and later even in CCC9.10 lin driver same thing.

Is there a fix or a hack as posting it everywhere else using several linux and windows pc's  / HDTV screens with ATI4xxx cards I get the same results in both lin and win had no decent results.

Compiled from source / bin drivers / lin distro driver / ati downloaded .run drivers = all same effect.

If scalling was enabled then I could fix it but using HDTV HDMI screen connected to a pc obviously I want to read from the screen and 1920x1080 = no good for anyones eyes and useless in games, 1440x900 = perfect.

Audio HDMI channel has noise on several pc's with several ati4xxx cards on several HDTV HDMI screens using several cables from $250 monster cables to cheap $2 cables same results.

Using line filters on AC cables = no change , using AVR on AC = no change, running pc / everything on UPS Battery Backup from battery no AC wall connection = same results.

Used all linux / windows guides including ATI guides to isntall = same results.

Fixes in next ATI driver welcomed.

Maybe even add easier ati HDMI audio config for linux while at this.