module merge view for CodeAnalyst?

Discussion created by vukicevic on Sep 14, 2009

One of the UI pieces that CodeAnalyst seems to share with Intel's VTune is its insistance on separating profiling data per module.  I can focus on a process and get a list of modules that are contributing to its time, but often what I really want is an overall merged view of all symbols in those modules for the given process.  This is especially true if my code involves multiple modules that are often calling eachother; analyzing problems that involve both (where the time spent is roughly evenly split between the two) is much more difficult if I need to view per-symbol data for each module independently.

Is there a way to obtain a merged symbol view for multiple modules?  (That is, if I have both A.dll and B.dll contributing time, I want to view a list of symbols in either module, sorted by number of samples, instead of only being able to view the symbols in A.dll /or/ the symbols in B.dll.)