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    The Compressonator and Win7 64 bit RC1


      Hi everybody, I have a question which I haven't found an answer for by searching so far.


      I tried to install The Compressonator on Win7 64 bit RC1 but it doesn't work. When I start the installation I get the usual first window of the installation program I know from installing it in WinXP. But when I click "Next" I always get a window with a "Fatal Error" saying "Installation ended prematurely because of an error".


      That's it, I can only click on "OK" and this closes the window.


      Is this a bug or a feature? I mean is the installation meant to fail on Win7 because The Compressonator wouldn't run on it anyway?


      And is it planned to update The Compressonator to work on Win7 (apart from using a virtual WinXP which is quite uncomfortable to set up)?



      Thanks in advance for any help!  

        • The Compressonator and Win7 64 bit RC1


          I've just tested on my Win7 64 RC1 system & both the 32 and 64 bit versions installed successfully. This suggests that there's something particular with your system (such as our installer relying on a component that isn't present) that is causing the issue. The Compressonator should & does support Win7.

          I'll speak to our installer guru & see if he has any suggestions.



            • The Compressonator and Win7 64 bit RC1

              First of all thank you for the quick response.


              After reading your answer I wanted to add something I missed when I posted my question: 


              I also tried to install the 32 and 64 bit version and even the old version 1.41, which I still have, and all of them gave me the exact same behaviour.


              Maybe this information can give you a hint...


              If you need any more information I will be glad to give you anything I can.

                • The Compressonator and Win7 64 bit RC1

                  Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I've just tried to install the compressonator on 4 different 64-bit Windows 7 (Professional, Service Pack 1)  machines and had 2 of them fail with exactly the same outcome as CSeidel reported. FWIW it doesn't get as far as the license agreement window. For installing, I've tried both the 64-bit and 32-bit versions.

                  Having said that, the two where the install succeded, (both 64-bit executables) won't open any image files! I haven't tested these with the 32-bit installer.

                  As a work around, I've just copied the installed compressonator directory, lock, stock and barrel, off a 32-bit XP machine - but that's not an elegant solution.