Need some help for using calclImageWrite

Discussion created by NurEinMensch on Sep 8, 2009
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after several hours and google sessions failed i try to find here some help.

Motivation: I try to create a .dll for different programs for "outsourcing" different math operations. Now i want to optimize the performance by splitting device operations like init, compiling, alloc, execute, memfree, closing in subfuntions of the dll. So an external programs can call at the beginning init,compiling(saving Imagebinary an to a file) and then use ontime only the memory and execution funtions. (and cleaning at the end).

Problem: I don't get it to use calclImageWrite in the right way. Can someone give me an example. Starting at the kernel_compiling stage, then writing the Image to an external binary file i.e. "dllfunction.bin" and ending with loading of that external image.

Many thanks for any help !