Memory leak with Catalyst 9.4 and up using OpenGL lighting

Discussion created by paramike on Sep 8, 2009
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Memory leak with Catalyst 9.4 and up using OpenGL lighting



We are a company building 3D webgames for low-end machines. In order to make our games look good without the use of shaders (those freakin' Intel integrated videocards have no, or very limited shader support) we use OpenGL lighting for the lighting of our game world.

We implemented a system that dynamically switches lights, so we can use more than 8 lights in a game world, provided that we have a maximum lights per object (default 3). We use vertex arrays and display lists for our geometry for maximum compatibility.

Using Ati Catalyst driver version 9.4 and above, we encounter a major memory leak; mainly when using lots and lots of objects. In one of our games called Mahjong Mountain, during gameplay the game leaks about 2 to 3 megabytes per second! On older driver versions, or on other video cards, no problems occur. We also tried  a different (smaller) codebase using some random on/off switching of lights, which also resulted in a memory leak (on a 4870x2 using Catalyst 9.8).

Is there any driver developer here that can help us with our problems; we would like a workaround without all of our clients having to reinstall their system.


Michiel Roza
Engine developer Kalydo BV.