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    What comes with RV8xx ?


      What can we expect from RV8xx in the case of ATI streaming ?

      Will these chips support transcendentals like exp() for double datatype ?

      Will this support also come for RV770, too ?

      When RV8xx release, will there be a new version of CAL with new features ?

      ps: are there some plans to introduce init and shutdown functions in acml_gpu, because the init phase takes relative long time in comparison to kernel time ..


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        • What comes with RV8xx ?


          HD5870 is now released. Could someone tells us whats new (in case of streaming) ?

          - Will there be a new CAL version with sdk 2 ?
          - Are there some news for double precision transcendental math ? Are DP transcendental included in OpenCL (gpu) ??

          - Will this support also be available for RV770 ??

          ps: whats about the newsletter ... i didn't get any mail since it started (expect the validation ..) .. even in the forum there is a poor

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