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    Error: Unable to open the events file


      I've just installed CodeAnalyst, but every time I try to use it, once the sampling has finished it displays the error message 'Unable to open the events file'


      The filename in the error message is the path to the CodeAnalyst install directory plus an assortment of seemingly random chinese characters.

        • Error: Unable to open the events file


          The same is with my copy of Code Analyst

          My PC is HP Pavilion a320n with 1GB of memory. It runs Win XP Home SP3.

          The CodeAnalist is integrated with MS VS 2008 Standard SP1.

          I am getting the same message either I start CodeAnalyst as a standalone app trying to profile the Classic app provided by AMD, or from VS 2008 with my app.



            • Error: Unable to open the events file

              Same here. Using CodeAnalyst on an Athlon XP as a standalone app (VS 2003 isn't supported by the plugin). When I do a timer-based profile I get several error boxes with this message. Sometimes there is also a strange square after the last backslash, so it might be some sort of buffer read error.

              I have not tested any other profiling sessions yet because I'm new to CodeAnalyst but this message is really annoying

              Hope someone has an idea on how to fix this.

              PS: My OS is Windows XP Pro SP3, nearly a fresh install.

                • Error: Unable to open the events file

                  I did not get any response to how to solve this problem.

                  It does not works neither standalone nor from the DevStudio. So I uninstall it and going to forget about it.

                  • Error: Unable to open the events file

                    Hi --

                    As a workaround, you might want to collect profile data using the command line utility caprofile.exe. The command line options select the kind of profile data to collect and launches the application to measure. It produces a pair of files which contain the event data and task information that CodeAnalyst uses for analysis. The files can be imported into the GUI.

                    The command line:

                        caprofile /s /t 1000 /o mydata /l app.exe

                    collects TBP data using a 1ms timer interval. It launches the application named "app.exe". Profile data are stored in the file mydata.prd and mydata.ti. After launching the standalone CodeAnalyst GUI, select File > Import... and open the mydata.prd file. This will import the profile data into the GUI.

                    Caprofile.exe has many command line options. The /? option will cause caprofile to display a list of the options.

                    -- pj


                      • Error: Unable to open the events file

                        Hi --

                        This message may have more detail than you care to know or
                        deal with, but it would help identify the cause of the
                        reported issue.

                        When the CA GUI collects data, it creates a directory within
                        the project directory (i.e., the "Project location" that you
                        specified when creating a new project.) The profile information
                        is stored in a "session" directory. For a TBP session, the
                        default session name is something like "Session.tbp.dir".

                        Ordinarily, CA post-processes the .prd/.ti files (see previous
                        my message), stores a summarization of the profile data in a
                        .tbp or .ebp file, and deletes the .prd/.ti files. The Session
                        Setting dialog box, however, has an option that causes CA to
                        retain the .prd/.ti files. This option is labelled "Save the
                        profile data files" and can be enabled in the Session Settings.

                        It would be helpful to know if CA created the .prd/.ti files
                        and the complete path to the .prd/.ti files. There are a few
                        possible failure scenarios that I have in mind (.prd/.ti files
                        not created, bad path, etc.)

                        I know this is beyond the call of duty, but more information
                        would help us to understand the issue.


                        -- pj

                        P.S. If the .prd/.ti files are in the session directory, you
                        might want to try to import them by selecting File > Import...
                        as described in my previous reply.

                          • Error: Unable to open the events file

                            Yes, .tbp.dir folders are in the project directory.

                            tbp.dir folders hold session.tbp files.

                            ti files were not saved.

                            I will reinstall CA_public_94  and try it as you recommended.

                            I will post  results on this thread.

                            Thank you.

                            • Error: Unable to open the events file

                              1. I installed CA from CodeAnalyst_Public_2.94.718.0439.exe again.

                              2. I ran CA with the app C:\VS2008\Projects\AntCol\|Release\AntCol.exe. Working dir was C:\VS2008\Projects\AntCol\CodeAnalyst. I checked the 'Save files' option.

                              The app opened and ran. After end of the sesion I got the message 'Can't open the event file C:\gibberish'. Nothing was written into  C:\VS2008\Projects\AntCol\CodeAnalyst.  But I found .tbp, .tbp.ti files in C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\AMD|CodeAnalyst|sessionName folder. I tried to import the.tbp file into CA and got the message "this file is not CA file." The tbp file is the only extention you allowed to import from a File Dialog.

                              The same story was with a command line attempt, and with CA launched from the VS2008 Standard IDE.

                              The .csw files were in C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\AMD|CodeAnalyst|sessionName and in the work directories.

                              CA opensd the project from C:\Documents and Settings...

                              3. I uninsalled CA CodeAnalyst_Public_2.94.718.0439.exe and reinsalled it from CA from CodeAnalyst_Public_2.84.512.0356.exe.

                              This time all was working just fine.  

                               I opened the project from C:\VS2008|Projects\AntCol\CaodeAnalyst\CodeAnalyst.caw with the 'Save Files' option and got a profile (System Data, System Graph, and Profile.) I ran sessions with different types of profiling and all was working. The directories were C:\VS2008\Projects\AntCol|Release\AntCol.exe and . C:\VS2008\Projects\AntCol\CodeAnalyst. It worked standalone and from VS2008 IDE. But the project from C:\Documens... loaded  but refused to open the old session giving the same "Can't open the event file." The .ti was in the session directory.

                              The CA asked me for permission to update the project files after loading both project files

                              So it seems like something is wrong with installation from ...2.94...


                              • Error: Unable to open the events file

                                In addition to my replay 10/09/2009:

                                Insalled CodeAnalyst_Public_2.84.512.0356.exe.

                                Profiling according to CA tutorial (classic.exe) and with my own project is working.

                                But  Tools/View Management/... OK again displays message

                                Unable to open the event file C:\Program Files\AMD\CodeAnalyst\gibberish

                                the project directory is C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\AMD\CodeAnalyst.

                                The app oath is C:\Program Files\AMD|CodeAnalyst\Sampes\classic\Release\classic.exe.

                                the working dir is C:\...\classic\release

                                • Error: Unable to open the events file


                                  View Management works if it was called by click on the Manage button and asks for and can't open the event file if it is called from Tools/View Mangement

                                    • Error: Unable to open the events file

                                      I have the same issue.  Where I can get the 2.84 version of CA?

                                      In my case, the tbp.dir is created and has .tbp, .tbp.prd and tbp.ti files.  If I try to import the prd, it still compains (twice) that the event file cannot be opened (the directory is the CodeAnalyst base dir followed by gibberish).

                                        • Error: Unable to open the events file

                                          Hi guys, are you running CodeAnalyst as an administrator or regular user?


                                            • Error: Unable to open the events file

                                              I am running as a user with admin privileges.

                                                • Error: Unable to open the events file

                                                  The issue is finally nailed down. The problem is caused by the CPUID Fn8000_0001.Based on the BKDG, the CPUID Fn8000_0001_EAX should be identical to CPUID Fn0000_0001_EAX.

                                                  Fn 0000_0000, eax = 00000001
                                                  Fn 0000_0001, eax = 000006a0
                                                  Fn 8000_0000, eax = 80000008
                                                  Fn 8000_0001, eax = 000007a0

                                                  The family number in CPUID Fn0000_0001_EAX is 6 which means Athlon series.

                                                  The family number in CPUID Fn8000_0001_EAX is 7. CodeAnalyst failed to identified the CPU type for event file.

                                                  We will fix this soon. THanks for your feedback and patience.


                                                    • Error: Unable to open the events file

                                                      Unfortunately I have this error again!

                                                      Depending on the profile this error occurs. See provided screenshots:


                                                      I have reinstalled CA and added the bin directory to my path variable but it didn't help. Now I can't profile my programs anymore :(

                                                      CA System Info:

                                                      Vendor: AMD, Family:
                                                      Family 16 Model 4 Stepping 3
                                                      Approximate core frequency is 3415 MHz
                                                      Onboard local APIC detected.
                                                      4 Processors Installed

                                                      Windows 7 Version 6.1 Build 7601
                                                      Service Pack 1

                                                      Percentage of Memory is in use: 30
                                                      Total physical memory: 4190756 KB
                                                      Free physical memory: 2933240 KB
                                                      Total size of paging file : 4194303 KB
                                                      Free size of paging file: 4194303 KB
                                                      Total virtual memory: 2097024 KB
                                                      Free virtual memory: 1990168 KB

                                                      Screen display: 1280 X 1024 pixels

                                                        • Error: Unable to open the events file


                                                          On a 32-bit system, does the registry key InstallDir exist at HKLM\SOFTWARE\AMD\CodeAnalyst\Key?  It should have the path to where CodeAnalyst was installed (i.e. C:\Program Files\AMD\CodeAnalyst\)

                                                          On a 64-bite system, it's under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\AMD\CodeAnalyst\Key.

                                                          If the registry key eixsts, does it work if you run CodeAnalyst as an administrator?

                                                          What response do you get if you try running this command from the command line: caprofile /d 5/e 0x07600:250000


                                                            • Error: Unable to open the events file

                                                              I'm using Win 7 x64 so I had a look at HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\AMD\CodeAnalyst but there aren't any keys or sub-directories. It's empty and the key element doesn't exist either!

                                                              Running the command from a console produces the following result:

                                                              Error: Unable to open the events file bin\events\GH-events.xml
                                                              Error: 0x43x, Unknown error.

                                                              After manually creating the key and setting it to my install dir the error does not occur anymore. So my bet would be that the installer (?) failed to create the registry entry and therefore the program is failing. And it works in VS2008 now, too.

                                                              Thanks for your help!