What to expect from OpenCL GPU beta ..

Discussion created by oscarbarenys1 on Aug 27, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2009 by NurEinMensch

Hey I see three main points that hope to be present for GPU for the first beta:

1. OpenGL interop: would be a killer since in Nvidia is not supported


2. Getting compiled kernels in AMD IL language (or as a binding point to use custom made kernels in AMD IL which is the model used in CAL)

-> this would allow to use for example matrix multiplication kernels which achieve nearly teraflops speed..

Also it makes sense as Nvidia is using PTX as the binaries from compiled kernels

3. DX interop (such as in CAL..) would be a killer since in Nvidia is not supportednow.

Please I ask what features to expect in the first beta as I know that OpenGL will get supported.