Performance Counter selection!

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To evaluate Cache, RAM and disk usage parameters!

Dear All,

I am trying to select performance counters to measure CACHE, DISK and Memory utilization in AMD Opteron systems.

Can I expect to get to get usage using following performance event monitoring:

1. Cache:  Data Cache Accesses and Instruction Cache Acceses

2. Memory: Dram Accesses (with unit mask 0x01 for Page hit)

3. Disk: There are two components: dma and non dma

a. Dram Accesses with unit mask 0x02 for Page Miss

b. hypertransport link0 with unit mask 0x02 for dma'ed data

If anybody has done any of these measurement, please comment if there is some gap in my understanding.

I tried to run a sample copy script (copying a large image 1 Gb in loop) and analyzing the above events, I was not able to conclude much from it.

Thanks for your suggestions!