Context, Compiler, Linker etc.

Discussion created by Russian on Aug 21, 2009
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Everithing about how to execute and link project

Hi All!


Esterday i have run my firs function and got success, but today i need more!

I have some questions about Compiler, likrer and Context functionality.


1. Is it possible to load more then one image to the context?

calModuleLoad(&module1, ctx, image1);

calModuleLoad(&module2, ctx, image2);

... etc

1.1 In the CAL example we have:     calModuleGetEntry(&func, ctx, module, "main");, but name of function is "il_ps_2_0". For what we need this name? Or it is not used of file contans only one function?


2. Is it possible to link input/outputs and constants between modules?

For example, input of one module, is an output of second? And is it possible to connect shared memory between module?

3. Is it possible to execute all functions from context as a list, and not to make a call of function by(calCtxRunProgram(...)) every time.

4. What is the overhead of calling?

5. I can read the result with DAM. Is it possible to write to the input buffer with DMA?

6. If i am defining constants for the function, is it possible to change this cinstants by calResMap, calResUnmap, when context executed?


7. Will come later. :-)