Hardware AVCHD decompression quality

Discussion created by rievax on Aug 19, 2009

Hello all!

I'm not a developer, but I'm pretty sure this question is for developers. While I was playing with some AVCHD streams (.m2ts files from my Sony HD handycam) I noticed the "software decompression" of PowerDVD was clearly better than the Hardware decompression of my ATI 4850... Yes, it was only using 4% of my CPU while playing, but still, the hardware decompression was showing much more artifacts like poor anti aliasing and high pixilation in fast scenes (running water on rocks...). I though the ATI cards were supposed to have the best "HD" experience! Am I missing something, somewhere? Any options in the configuration panel?

Sorry, I’m not asking for coding help… I was just wondering how developer would answer to such a questions.

Thank you!