Our work crashed with the latest catalyst. But it runs well with previous version.

Discussion created by codeboycjy on Aug 18, 2009

    We've developed a ray tracing demo using brook+.
    Our demo works pretty well with catalyst 9.5 , 9.6 , 9.7.
    We updated the latest catalyst today and our demo crashed.

    There are lots of code for our demo. (About 3000 kernel code). But in order to reproduce the problem, we do some experiment.

    For example, kernel code like that works differently!!

    if( triangleNum < threshold )
        A;  // do some thing
        B;  // do some thing else

    if( triangleNum >= threshold )
       B;   // do some thing else
       A;   // do some thing

   I think the two parts should produce the same result , but it doesn't!!
   But it runs well with catalyst of previous version.

   So my question is what's the difference on GPGPU of the latest catalyst?