What is ATI Stream Perfomance?

Discussion created by Russian on Aug 17, 2009
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How much GFlops can i get?

Hi All!


I would like to ask people that have try to use ATI Stream (with CAL or without), about perfomance that they got. (in GFlops please)

I have try with CUDA (may be i was stupid that i did not try ATI first) , and i got maximum (real maximum)  25% of decleare perfomance in specs.


Now i am trying to understand, is it possible to reach 1000 GFlops decleared for Rxx or it is a fake (sory... :-)) like a CUDA?

I have red, that some people realy got 97%. I beleve.

I need to know:

Speed of one shader processor.

 Speed with access to L1 cashe,

Speed with access to L2 cashe,

Speed with access to  global memory.


If it is possible to attach some simple test application for VS2005(or 2008) , it will be simply perfect.

Thanks & regards,



PS. If some one give me example with 95% of decleared perfomance, i will be bigest fan of ATI and AMD!!!