Small Lapack & ACML (with GPU) Performance Test needed

Discussion created by ilghiz on Aug 17, 2009
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our company is going to upgrate a hardware for internal usage and we are thinkig what to take. Before, on pure CPU time, AMD platforms was cheaper in regards to achieved GFlop/s per dollar. Right now we have some development on NVIDIA card, so, NVIDIA GTX 260 + AMD 4 Cores Optherons are cheaper that AMD 4 Cores Optherons for us, however, we did not measure HD4870 + 4/6 Cores Optherons. We have no possibility to check GPU enabled ACML.

Would anybody help us to run small test on GPUs like 4870?

It is pure C:

Please, compile it with Lapack and ACML library under Linux. It takes several minutes to run and produce one page output.

It would be very kind if you can run the same test with and without GPU acceleration and provide me both results together with your CPU and GPU configuration.

Thank you



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