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    brcc hang on

      struct too deep?

      When compiling the following code with brcc, the complier will not stop working. It seems the struct of struct type will cause the brcc hanging on.




      typedef struct myint4


      int4 elem;

      } myint4;


      typedef struct myStruct


      myint4 x;

      myint4 y;

      } int8;


      kernel void

      compute(int8 a<>, out int8 b<>


      int4 two = int4(2, 2, 2, 2);

      b.x.elem = a.x.elem * two;

      b.y.elem = a.y.elem * two;



      kernel void 

      f8(int8 a<>, out int8 b<>


      int8 c;

      compute(a, c);

      b = c;