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    Confuse about LDS sample


      Up until now I still don't get it.

      Does instance() work like usual without conflicting with instanceInGroup()?

      If we have streams bigger than GROUP_SIZE, will it have different lds? Or can't access other lds?

      Why Stream of type VectorType/float4 can read from array of ScalarType/float?

      What is the range of instanceInGroup().x there? Is it the same of GROUP_SIZE?

      How do I know my thread is in different group from other threads? 


      What it means:


      //Reading from last Thread


      item = 4 * (GROUP_SIZE - 1 - instanceInGroup().x )+ 0;

      How come it reads from last thread?

      If instanceInGroup().x returns 0 to 63 then 4*(64-1- anywhere from 0 to 63) + 0 = reverse.... really?



      The shared VectorType lds[256]; is used only in offset 0 right? If so, the algorithm can work with some modification and run with only 64 lds elements right?

      So the algorithm means reverse summing column of a and b then put in c... If my thoughts are correct...


      Can I build 2d/3d LDS? How big its maximum?

      In lds sample, one group is one row right?

      Can I specify 2d group in 3d stream?

      Sorry for redundant questions.