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    Another Newbie Question

      Compiling .br files?

      Another question from a newbie, so please be gentle.

      I was successful in downloading the Brook+ 1.4.0 onto my Vista Dell Studio Laptop and can see the "brower SDK samples" (they all appear to run properly). My next step in the learning process was to try and compile one of the "samples" myself - this is where the problem occurs. I am using MS Visual Studio 8.

      Basically I am copying the original files from the "simpleMatMult" directory inside a VS 8 Project. The issue is the #include "brookgenfiles/simple_matmult.h" command in the SimpleMatmult.h file - the compiler can not find it. I found a "simple_matmult.br" and I think this must be compiled to the aforementioned C++ header file but don't know how.

      Can anyone help me out? I am sure that I'm not the only one who ran into this when they first started and any assistance would be great.

      Thanks in advance.


      My mistake, the solution was so simple I am embarassed by this posting. I just copied the .br and the brcc.exe to a new directory and ran "brcc simple_matmult.br" and the .h and .cpp files were generated in the current directory.

      Once again, sorry for the useless post.

        • Another Newbie Question

          Actually the more efficient way to compile it is to do custom build step. That way is much faster and error can be detected from VS too. You could try to copy almost all of project properties from the samples for your convenient and maybe edit it a little