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To find the smallest item

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to write a kernel to find the 'smallest' item in a 4096 by 4096 matrix that consists out of structs called pair. It looks to me that a reduce kernel is perfect for this. However, when I use my struct, it doesn't work, while floats work perfectly as in the documentation. Basicly nothing happens to the result, all values are always 0 no matter the input data. (even if I set the result pair's values before calling the kernel)

I have also tried to use a modified bitonic sort kernel to find the smallest item. This works, but it takes me about 14 seconds to sort a 4096 by 4096 matrix which is a bit much as I'm going to be calling it quite a lot.

Does anyone have any idea's how to fix my code, or a better way to find the smallest item in a rather large matrix?

My code is attached below.


Kind regards and many thanks in advance!



/* brook file */ typedef struct stpair { uchar2 coordsY; uchar2 coordsZ; int difference; } pair; reduce void min_pair(pair a<>, reduce pair b) { if(a.difference < b.difference) b = a; } /* main.cpp */ #include <conio.h> #include "brook/brook.h" #include "kernels.h" int main() { unsigned int i_dimensions[] = {10, 10}; Stream<pair> stmTest(2, i_dimensions); /* create dummy data */ pair flTest[10][10]; for(int i=0; i<10; i++) for(int j=0; j<10; j++) { flTest[i][j].coordsY = uchar2((uchar)i, (uchar)j); flTest[i][j].coordsZ = uchar2((uchar)j, (uchar)i); flTest[i][j].difference = (10); /* difference value of 10 for all items */ }; /* create result pair to store smallest item */ pair result; result.coordsY = uchar2((uchar)1, (uchar)2); result.coordsZ = uchar2((uchar)3, (uchar)4); result.difference = 40; /* set to 40 to make sure every item is smaller */ /* call kernel */ min_pair(stmTest, result); printf("%d at %d %d", result.difference, result.coordsY.x, result.coordsY.y); /* printed result is always 40 at 1 2, nothing happens to pair result */ getch(); return 0; }