what's the mean of VALID_PIX?

Discussion created by jinhou on Aug 10, 2009

Hi, i get some code of ATI native code via GPUShaderAnalyzer.

here is a simple example,


but i do not know the meanning of "UPDATE_EXEC_MASK", "UPDATE_PRED" and "VALID_PIX". What 's their action in this native code?


; -------- Disassembly -------------------- 00 ALU_PUSH_BEFORE: ADDR(32) CNT(1) KCACHE0(CB4:0-15) 0 x: PREDNE_INT ____, KC0[0].x, 0.0f UPDATE_EXEC_MASK UPDATE_PRED 01 JUMP ADDR(4) 02 TEX: ADDR(224) CNT(1) VALID_PIX 1 SAMPLE R6, R0.xy0x, t0, s1