Please, specify conditions of "Can't create temporary linear stream" error

Discussion created by Raistmer on Aug 8, 2009
I get this error in different configurations - what true limit for that stream?

I recived this error for some sizes of 2D scatter streams while bigger sizes passed OK.
I can;t change one dimension but can do this with another. For example, there were errors for 384xsmth but no errors for 320xsmth.
Now I try to use subblocks to compute big 2D buffer in many kernel calls.
That is, for example, I define stream of size 640xsmth and use domain to call kernel over first and second halves of this buffer.
Both times only 320xsmth elements used inside kernel (that is, config that was OK before), but now I recive error about temporary stream creation failure again!
And again, not on biggest arrays,
For example 1914 x 320 passed ok, then 1715x320 fails then smaller sizes passed OK again.... (all sizes used in the same app running cycle)

How to fight with this error?...