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    Multi GPU Issue: Catalyst 9.7 driver bug

      Anyone with similar Multi GPU problem?

      I have a code originally written for 1 GPU.  I now have 2 GPUs on the same board.  So I tried to start two jobs, each one in a separate shell, using a different BRT_ADAPTER to target separate GPUs.  Both jobs start fine, but one job always hangs right when the other finishes.  Why does this happen even though each job is supposed to target a different GPU?

        • Multi GPU Issue

          The issue I reported earlier was with the Catalyst 9.7 driver on linux amd-64.

          I re-installed the earlier Catalyst 9.5 driver and the crash no longer happens.  So it looks like the new driver has a bug.

            • Multi GPU Issue: Catalyst 9.7 driver bug

              Another indication that the Catalyst 9.7 driver is buggy...

              I ran PCIeSpeedTest_v0.1 with the Catalyst 9.7 driver.  The cpu->gpu speed was 5.5 GB/s but the gpu->cpu speed was < 1 GB/s with the largest data sets.  Same test with the Catalyst 9.5 driver shows 5.5 and 4.1 GB/s, respectively.  (If it makes any difference, the mother board I have is MSI 790FX-GD70 and two HD 4870 are plugged in.)

              For the time being, I am staying with the 9.5 driver.