Errors in drivers under Windows

Discussion created by ceramic3d on Aug 7, 2009




We are developing the professional 3d-design software under Windows and faced with some problems in ati drivers. 

1) function glReadPixels overwrites memory outside destination rectangle:

glPixelStorei(GL_PACK_SKIP_PIXELS, DstX);

glPixelStorei(GL_PACK_SKIP_ROWS, DstY);

glPixelStorei(GL_PACK_ROW_LENGTH, Width);

glReadPixels(srcArea.X, srcArea.Y, srcArea.Width, srcArea.Height,GL_RGBA, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, Data);

Everything that is left to DstX becomes overwritten with some data.


2) boolean uniform variables in glsl shader have different values when assigned via glUniform1i in Radeon X1600 and Radeon HD2600:


glUniform1i = 0, uniform bool = false

glUniform1i = 1, uniform bool = true

glUniform1i = -1, uniform bool = FALSE



glUniform1i = 0, uniform bool = false

glUniform1i = 1, uniform bool = false

glUniform1i = -1, uniform bool = TRUE


None of this problems present in Nvidia cards. Our customers ask us why didn't we recomend Nvidia cards instead of ATI ones. We ask you to fix these errors and more thoroughly test your drivers in future.