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    ATI Stream SDK 2.0 beta crossdevelopment question

      targeting to other plartorm is possible?

      When I tried to install WinXP x86 SDK on Win2003 x64 I recived empty directory w/o any error messages.
      Installation of WinXP x64 package completed OK though.
      So question is: will I be able to produce only x64 binaries with Stream SDK 2.0 beta x64 package or both x86 and x64 ones ?
        • ATI Stream SDK 2.0 beta crossdevelopment question


          We don't support installing the WinXP package on Win2003. In fact, we don't support Win2003. Per the release notes

          Under Windows, attempting to install a package on an operating system for which it is not designated (for example, installing a Windows XP 32-bit installer on an XP 64-bit system, or installing a Windows XP installer on a Windows Vista system) results in undefined behavior. There may be no warning of such a mismatch between installer and system configuration. Please ensure that the proper installer is used for your Windows operating system.